Monday, September 28, 2009

Shoe story: Laurence Dacade Nathalie Buckle Heel

You know you really wanted something if you’re sad when it’s gone. This is the story of the shoe that nearly got away.

By the beginning of 2009, I had seen a lot of great cut-out boots and shoes on the runway and on blogs; however, I had never thought that any of them would work for me. For example, I thought that these Margiela cut-out boots were genius and that the leather looked luxurious. But then I thought, “When would I ever wear these?” They were gorgeous, yet I could not imagine a single outfit featuring me in them.

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I was starting to think that this type of shoe was just simply not for me, until I found these.

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Granted, they are not cut outs. It’s more like a shoe and then a piece of leather covering the heel and ankle, plus a few buckles… but it was close enough and it worked for me. Except that I had doubts.

I had never heard of the designer Laurence Dacade before, so I did a little search and… not much came up. The official site looked very professional. I found out she was based in France. The sole review that I found for another one of her shoes said that they were very comfortable. So I thought (Warning: my reasoning barely holds together)… “Christian Louboutin works in France too. Their shoes are in the same price range. A review said that her shoes were comfortable. Louboutin shoes are comfortable… Sold!”

Okay, not immediately, anyway. I make a policy of not buying anything non-essential if my budget will not allow it. Given the budget that I had drafted at the beginning of the year, if I had bought those shoes right away, then I would have been left with very little in my “Fashion budget” and I had planned on buying a few other pricey things, such as a good new winter coat and boots to live through several Canadian winters. Thus began more weeks of questioning… and during that time I briefly forgot about those shoes. When I checked back… the shoes were on sale… and… my size was sold out.

My heart sank.

I began frantically scouring the web for that same pair in my size, but to no avail. Then I started to despair and settled on searching for any other brand of shoes that had a design similar to it. There were some candidates, but no love at first sight. After despairing, I started to get my resolve back. Since people were buying these shoes online before trying them on, maybe the woman who bought the pair in my size would not like them and return them? So I began checking the site every day, and one day… it came back. I bought it right away.

I could have saved myself the heartache by buying it earlier, but I do not regret a single thing. A budget is there for a reason, after all. And besides, by waiting, I got:
• A better deal on the shoes
• A lesson in online shopping (if your size gets sold out, wait to see if anyone returns it)
• A better appreciation for these beauties (in my opinion)


  1. those are yummie booties!

  2. Both are awesome.


    Ps: I bought my boots at Barney's in Dallas.

  3. Those boots are friggin gorgeous!

    One Love,