Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The ankle boots that changed my mind

When ankle boots started to become popular a few years ago, I really didn’t like them. I thought they looked grandma-ish and they cut the line of the leg in an unflattering way. There was no way these types of shoes could ever look good on a person! That was what I thought until I saw these Miss Sixty booties.

The fabric pulled over the boot makes the opening of shoe seem a bit wider and non-constricting. And of course, there are the buckles. How could I resist?

 As with any pair of shoes that I absolutely love (rather than just like), they ended up being hard to find. There are Miss Sixty flagship stores in my city, but I could only find the boots in dark forest green. Then, I was told by the sales person that for this geography, they could only get the green ones. How does that make sense? Anyway, of course, I turn to the web. I had to go through many websites that were either out of stock or charged ridiculous fees, in order to finally find a reasonable place. I bought the pair in November 2008, in black and in my size, and I still love them.

Lately, for Fall 2009, I’ve noticed that Nine West has... been inspired by the Miss Sixty booties, I guess? Just take a look at these! They call it the Ottavio.

Photo from

They are practically the same except for minor differences such as:
· The lack of the Miss Sixty logo (of course)
· The point of the shoe is slightly different
· The heel shape is different
They also only cost a fraction of the price. I am not sure what to think of this, but what I know for sure is that I bought mine in 2008 and I have had a whole year head start to enjoy them!

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