Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mineral makeup and I don’t mix

After 2-3 weeks, I can now confidently proclaim that mineral makeup and I don't get along.

About 6 months ago, I decided to give mineral foundations a try, starting with Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup SPF 15. Now I must first start by saying that I have combination skin: oily on my T-zone and normal everywhere else. For my whole life, all my blemishes have only ever occurred on my T-zone. However, sometime after using the new foundation I noticed my first ever pimple on my cheek. I was really surprised, but I decided to blame it on my skin just acting weird. After all, we had just had a harsh winter and my skin had suddenly become really dry when it never used to, so maybe this was just another odd occurrence.

Photo from Prescriptives.com

Then, I bought Lancome’s Ageless Minerale (I still had not linked the skin imperfections to the product type). Again, the blemishes continued to appear on my cheeks. It was really bad. Every time an inflammation dissipated, another one appeared. It’s really hard to feel confident when you know there’s a zit (or two) sitting on your face. Still, after months of this torture, never for a moment had I thought that it was the foundation’s fault because of all the “good press” about mineral makeup. There was always something else to blame.

Photo from Lancome.ca

Among the different things I tried to fix my new skin problem:
  • I became obsessed with washing my hands (perhaps a good thing after all, in these times of flu pandemic)
  • I changed my cleanser and exfoliator (I actually prefer these ones now…)
  • I added more steps to my skin care regime
  • I tried drinking more tea and avoiding junk food (another good thing…) 
  • More stuff I probably forgot

Hmm. I guess, all in all, it helped me develop some good habits… but at the price of my skin.

Eventually, I had come to the realization that the only way my skin would heal was if I went without makeup until the problem went away. However, the crazy thing was that I could not NOT wear makeup because I had to cover up the war zone on my face. And what did I use to cover up? Yes, more mineral makeup. Needless to say, it did not help.

Finally, one day, I thought, “I really wish my skin would go back to the way it was… Maybe if I went back to the foundation I used back then, it would be better…” And so I did. And for the first time in months, my skin was at peace. Then only a handful of days after the decision to go back to my old foundation, a blog post from Ma Petite Chou surfaced that somewhat validated my choice.

I know that there are MANY people for whom mineral makeup works, judging from the myriad of positive reviews and awards. There is probably a brand out there that will work for me, too. But the trauma is done. I won’t be touching another mineral makeup for many, many years. It’s too bad because I really liked the Lancome one (the packaging was genius).

So this is to all the girls and women who may be considering mineral makeup for the first time.
  1. KNOW your skin: skin type and how it usually acts.
  2. Read product reviews and research their ingredients (within reason). Makeupalley.com is where I go. I had seen some negative reviews (not too many) for the products I used, but I had decided not to pay too much attention to them. You can bet that I will be more careful from now on.
  3. If you notice any negative change in your skin after you’ve tried the new makeup, stop using it. It could be redness, itchiness, or (worse than usual) acne. Whatever it is, stop using the makeup. You may wish to give it a second chance, that’s okay, but stop if it fails you yet again. Don’t be stubborn like me.

I still have a number of red spots left over from all the blemishes, but with patience and good care, I think they will fade. It will take a long time though, that’s for sure.

P.S. In case you're wondering, I am now using MAC Face and Body Foundation for everyday use, and Lancome Photogenic Lumessence for special occasions/going out.

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